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Our beautiful, serene location and comfortably simple facilities and accommodations have made us a desired retreat location for many different types of groups and body work practitioners. We  are non-denominational and welcome women from all cultures and spiritual practices.


Whether you are here for the day or a longer stay, we offer a relaxed atmosphere where our guests enjoy serene and comfortable accommodations including a library, small group areas and modern kitchens.   We have space for private sessions as well as group gathering space for discussions, exercise, dance, crafts etc.  

“Creator—hear us– hear our prayer for our women and their needs……
help them to know your presence within them—strengthen their spirits
so they may blossom and grow and your love will shine in their eyes….”

-Prayer of a Northern Cheyenne Woman

Cultural Experiences



Learn about Northern Cheynne and Crow customs stories, history dance and art from local teachers.

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Indoor- single and double bedrooms- -shared bathrooms-up to 15 guests


  • Outdoor- tents and tipis – solar showers-up to 50 guests


Group Space/ Amenities
  • Commercial Kitchen – you can cook or cater
  • Wi-fi hookup

  • Sitting rooms with seating

  • Chairs, large round tables

  • Indoor showers and outdoor solar shower house

  • Guided tours, horseback riding nearby

Massage and Body work
Bodywork Sessions

You can bring your own practitioners or we can connect with local practitioners of:

massage, reflexology, body talk, orthobionomy, energy work, etc.


Discreet spaces for private sessions.

Green Living Model

  • Alternative energy sources - solar-wind

  • Water prservation and cachement system

  • Solar showers for outdoor guests

  • Lending library

  • Host and study  site for Ecological organizations

Commercial Kitchen

  • Stocked with dishes, pots, pans, small appliances

  • Large refrigerator

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